Build a Better Mousetrap Innovation Challenge

Recognizing Innovative Inventions and Improvements from Municipalities

Show Off Your Road Crew’s Innovative Gadgets and Ideas by Entering the Build a Better Mousetrap Innovation Challenge

Has one of your employees recently built an innovative gadget or come up with a better way to do a job? If so, now is the time to show it off by entering the Build a Better Mousetrap Innovation Challenge.

LTAP is looking for innovations such as the development of tools and equipment to modifications to processes that increase safety, reduce costs, or improve efficiency or the quality of transportation. Technological innovations and unique use of new tools such as drones, apps, computers, smart phones, tablets, etc., are welcome.

Show Us Today!

Through Show Us Today!, a municipality can provide some basic information to LTAP and receive feedback and potential support with the application process.

Just send the following to LTAP:

  • Municipality, County
  • Contact Name, Phone, and Email
  • Name for Innovation
  • Brief Description
  • A Photo or Video – More are welcome!

If you have an innovation to share with other municipalities, submit your entry form by the first Friday in March. The LTAP Advisory Committee – a group made up of your peers – will judge the entry on recognized importance/ impact, originality, applicability to others, cost effectiveness, time savings, agency or community benefit, and the overall quality of the application. The top entries will be chosen in March and recognized at the annual conference of the winners’ respective municipal associations.

The top entries will be submitted to the national Build a Better Mousetrap recognition program. Winners of the national program will be announced at the annual LTAP national conference in the summer.

To enter the challenge, complete the entry form and return it by the first Friday in March.

Email to
Mail to: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Bureau of Planning and Research
Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street, 6th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120

If you have questions email: or call: 1-800-FOR-LTAP

Past Winners

Are you looking for ideas and previous submissions (including innovations seen in the photos on the right)? The Past Build a Better Mousetrap Pennsylvania Winners book includes descriptions and photos of the past winners.