Technical Assistance

Expert Help with Local Transportation Issues

Any municipal representative can request assistance for free! Do you have a question about your local transportation system? Whether it's a small issue or a more complex challenge, LTAP's technical experts are available to help you troubleshoot almost any local transportation maintenance or safety concern.

LTAP’s technical assistance provides customized guidance to municipalities on a host of transportation-related issues. Simply submit your transportation question or challenge through the LTAP website (more information below), via email to or calling 1-800-FOR-LTAP. After the assistance request is received, LTAP will assign a technical expert to your request, and they will contact you. Depending on your request, it may be best resolved with a call or email; however, more complex issues may warrant an onsite visit from the technical expert who will assess your concern on the ground and provide you with a full report of what was observed, recommendations, and resources related to the request.

It is easy to create a new account under the “Sign In” dropdown on the top blue bar on the LTAP website. Select your county and municipality and enter your contact information. Use an email address that you can access for confirming account set up, accessing virtual courses, connecting with technical experts.

After you are logged onto the website, click the green “Request Technical Assistance” tile and enter your request. You can also request assistance by emailing or calling 1-800-FOR-LTAP.

Sample On-site Tech Assists

North Lebanon Township, Lebanon County, holds an LTAP salt and snow tech assist and invites neighboring municipalities to attend. Participants learn how to sensibly use road salt and how to calibrate truck salt spreaders.
LTAP teaches Upper Leacock Township, Lancaster County, how to conduct intersection corner sight distance studies to determine how much corn should be removed to improve driver visibility.
LTAP facilitates a meeting between PennDOT and Sullivan Township, Tioga County, to turn a state bridge back to the township.
LTAP visits Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County, and recommends improving access to a picnic pavilion and play area by creating a pedestrian circulation path.
LTAP visits Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County, to help with low-cost countermeasures for intersection delineation (before and after).


“LTAP has assisted us with several parking and traffic-flow issues. In some cases, we were able to implement solutions that improved safety and traffic-flow efficiency. In other cases, we discovered that our preferred solutions would be impractical or not compliant with federal and state guidelines.”
– Chris McGann
Manager, Millersburg Borough

“LTAP is a valuable resource that I count on whenever I need to conduct a traffic study. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helps me do the study right the first time. Without LTAP, I could not do my job as efficiently.”
– Lt. Guy Hettinger
Penn Township Police Department

“I have requested LTAP assistance several times to help address traffic-related issues. Each time I have asked for help, an LTAP engineer has provided sound and professional advice and has walked me through the traffic study process. By providing on-site visits, email, and phone support, LTAP makes my job easier and assists me with ensuring my township’s roadways are safer.”
– Officer Ben Lauver
Susquehanna Township Police Department