Archaeological Site Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Site Number:36LU0349
Site Type:Historic and Pre-Contact;
Rock Shelter/Cave
LocationNo Data Present
Luzerne:Laurel Run Borough
Subbasin Watershed Major Stream Minor Stream
( 5) Central Susquehanna River Watershed B Susquehanna River None given
Quadrangle:Wilkes-Barre East
Site Elevation:1762
Slope Aspect:North
Slope Basis:On-Site Measure
Average Slope:15
Physiographic Zones:Anthracite Valley Section(31)
Topographic Setting:Ridgetop
Predominant Bedrock Formation(s):Mp-Mississippian Pocono Formation
MDsk-Mssppn/Devonian Spechty Kopf Formation
Relationship to Confluence:Does Not Represent a Stream Confluence
Distance Elevation Direction Order Type
Nearest Water 100 m 1743 ft Southwest Spring-Confirmed on Site
Nearest Confluence 850 m 1535 ft Southwest Confluence
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:Unevaluated
NR Status Date:8/1/2019
Site Condition:90% - 100% Intact
Primary Disturbance:Archaeological Excavation
Administrative ActionsNo Data Present
08/13/2019:Date Record Updated
08/09/2019:Date Record Updated
08/06/2019:Date Record Added
08/06/2019:Mapping Added
08/01/2019:Site Recorded
Site CharacteristicsNo Data Present
Recording Reason:Informant Interview/Amateur Survey
Affiliated Institute:SPA # 11, Francis Dorrence Chapter
Discovery Method:Non-Systematic Surface Survey
Site Area:1750
Area Basis:Computed on Ground
Organic Preservation:Conditions Favorable for Organic Preservation, None Documented
Vegetation Cover:Forest
Stratified:Yes, Top Stratum Buried Under Historical Deposits
ChronologyNo Data Present
Placement Frequency Basis
Pre-Contact 91% - 100% Lithics
Historic 0% - 10% Historic Diagnostic Artifacts
FeaturesNo Data Present
Features Count Image
Wall 1
Lithic MaterialsNo Data Present
ArtifactsNo Data Present
General Artifact Type Material Quantity Image
PreC Point, Expanding stem Rhyolite/Metarhyolite 1
PreC, Other, Stone Debitage Chert/Flint 19
Diagnostic Artifact Type Material Frequency Count Image
Unknown Unknown Present
Recovery Method:Controlled Excavation
National Register InformationNo Data Present
AttachmentsNo Data Present
Attachments Name
Photograph P36LU0349_05B.pdf
Artifact Photo P36LU0349_04E.pdf
CommentsNo Data Present
Phase 2 MethodsNo Data Present
Phase 3 MethodsNo Data Present