Archaeological Site Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Site Number:36LU0306
Site Type:Other Specialized Aboriginal Site
LocationNo Data Present
Luzerne:Hanover Township
Subbasin Watershed Major Stream Minor Stream
( 5) Central Susquehanna River Watershed B Susquehanna River None given
Quadrangle:Wilkes-Barre East
Site Elevation:1739
Slope Aspect:North
Slope Basis:On-Site Measure
Average Slope:20
Physiographic Zones:Anthracite Valley Section(31)
Relationship to Confluence:Site Upstream from Confluence and Between the 2 Water Sources
Distance Elevation Direction Order Type
Nearest Water 120 m 1760 ft Southeast Perennial Stream
2nd Nearest Water 380 m 1738 ft Southwest Perennial Stream
Nearest Confluence 930 m 1553 ft Northeast Confluence
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:Unevaluated
NR Status Date:11/5/2011
Site Condition:90% - 100% Intact
Administrative ActionsNo Data Present
02/15/2019:Date Record Updated
11/05/2011:Site Recorded
Site CharacteristicsNo Data Present
Recording Reason:Informant Interview/Amateur Survey
Affiliated Institute:SPA # 11, Francis Dorrence Chapter
Discovery Method:Non-Systematic Surface Survey
Site Area:1000
Area Basis:From USGS Map
Organic Preservation:Unknown
ChronologyNo Data Present
Placement Frequency Basis
Pre-Contact Present
FeaturesNo Data Present
Lithic MaterialsNo Data Present
ArtifactsNo Data Present
Diagnostic Artifact Type Material Frequency Count Image
Unknown Unknown Present
National Register InformationNo Data Present
AttachmentsNo Data Present
CommentsNo Data Present
Phase 2 MethodsNo Data Present
Phase 3 MethodsNo Data Present