Historic Resource Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Key #:156422
Property Name:Twin Bridges Rural Historic District; Bissel / Hill Girt / Beverly Rural Historic District
Resource Type:District
Approximate # of Resources:132
ER #:2008-8009-042
LocationNo Data Present
Delaware County:Chadds Ford Township
Multi-County County:Multi-Municips
Chester County:Pennsbury Township
Address: , Chadd's Ford, PA
Location:Roughly bounded by the Beverly, Bissel, and Hill Girt Farm Estates of the Brandywine Valley, on either side of Creek Rd
USGS Quadrangle:Unionville - West Chester
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:Listed
Historic InformationNo Data Present
Year Built:circa 1780, circa 2000
Architect/ Engineer:Robert L. Raley; James Thompson
Physical DescriptionNo Data Present
Style:Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Colonial Revival
Historic FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Agriculture/Subsistence Agricultural Field Pastures
Agriculture/Subsistence Animal Facility Barns
Domestic Single Dwelling Farmhouses
Industry/Processing/Extract Manufacturing Facility Mills
Transportation Rail-Related Rail Depot
Current FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Agriculture/Subsistence Agricultural Field
Agriculture/Subsistence Animal Facility
Domestic Single Dwelling
Transportation Rail-Related
Vacant/Not in use
Inventory ItemsNo Data Present
Report Name
View 100 Cossart Road
View 102 Cossart Road
View 1200 Stockford Road
View 1300 Stockford Road
View 1401 Stockford Road
View 1403 Stockford Road
View 1405 Stockford Road
View 190 Stabler Road
View 4301 South Creek Road
View 4301 South Creek Road
View 4305 South Creek Road
View 4307 South Creek Road
View 4313 South Creek Road
View 524 Fairville
View 701 Cossart Road
View Cossart Train Station
View Creek Rd.
View Dawson Electric Mill
View Harold Haskell Jr. Property
View Haskell Farm
View Haskell Farm Barns
View John W. McCoy II Property
View McCanne, John Farm
View Mrs. David H. Dawson Property
View Pyle, Job, Farm
View Stabler Rd.
View Stockford Rd.
View Stockford Rd.
View Tenant House Ruin
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10/24/2017:Date Record Updated
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09/18/2017:NR Listed
09/09/2016:Date Record Updated
08/15/2011:HRSF/DOE Received
08/15/2011:SHPO: Eligible
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03/24/2011:SHPO Staff Meeting
03/17/2011:Date Record Added
03/17/2011:Project PATH Submission
National Register InformationNo Data Present
Criteria:A - Event, C - Design/Construction
Area of Significance:Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Social History
Period of Significance:1914 - circa 1970
Contributing:17 Structures, 8 Sites, 0 Objects, 90 Buildings
Non-Contributing:0 Sites, 0 Objects, 14 Buildings, 3 Structures
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CommentsNo Data Present
000696 Twaddell's Mill & House is individually listed in NR; and also contributes to this district
092304 Creek Road Bridge contributes to district
NPS ID#SG100001635
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