Historic Resource Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Key #:120415
Property Name:West Chester Historic District (Boundary Increase)
Resource Type:District
Approximate # of Resources:4400
LocationNo Data Present
Chester County:West Chester Borough
USGS Quadrangle:West Chester
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:Listed
Historic InformationNo Data Present
Year Built:circa 1770, circa 1950
Physical DescriptionNo Data Present
Style:Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne
Walls:Brick; Stone
Structural System:Stone, Timber-Light Frame
Historic FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Commerce/Trade Business
Domestic Multiple Dwelling
Domestic Single Dwelling
Religion Religious Structure
Current FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Commerce/Trade Business
Domestic Multiple Dwelling
Domestic Single Dwelling
Religion Religious Structure
Inventory ItemsNo Data Present
Report Name
View 10 W Barnard St.
View 122-124 W. Miner St.
View 126 W. Miner St.
View 131 E Gay St.
View 136 Chestnut St.
View 140 E Gay St.
View 143 E Chestnut St.
View 146 E Gay St.
View 15 S Adams St.
View 214 S Church St.
View 222 S Church St.
View 27 E Miner St.
View 303 N High St.
View 310 North Matlack Street
View 311 N High St.
View 319 N High St.
View 327 N High St.
View 400 E Market St.
View Allwork Manor
View Atwood-Talbot House
View Baptist Church of West Chester
View Barnard, Simon, Row
View Biddle, Mrs. H.J., Houses
View Biddle, Mrs., High St.Cottages
View Bownam, Sarah, House
View Brinton, Sybilla, House;
Brinton Serpentine House
View Buckwalter, Henry, House
View Bull-Butler House
View Butler, William, Mansion
View Care Center for Christ Foundation, Inc.
View Cedarcroft-Monaghan House
View Chestnut Street Bridge
View Chestnut Street Stone Row
View Church of the Holy Trinity
View Cope, Gilbert, House
View Cornwell, Captain, Mansion
View Darlington-Macelree Estate, Broadlawn
View Ellicott Gibbons, Houses
View Entriken, Emmor, House
View Everhart Family Mansion
View Everhart Grove
View Everhart-Paxson Farmhouse
View Eyre View
View Freeman House
View General Sales Building
View Grant, John, House
View Haines Planing Mill
View Hause-Kauffman House
View Hayes, William, Mansion
View Hickman Fountain
View High Street Friends Meeting
View Holding House
View Holy Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church
View Hoopes-Hergesheimer House
View House in Everhart Grove
View Jefferis, J., Mansion
View King, James L., House
View Lowry, Robert, House
View Magnolia House Hotel
View Mario F. & Anna L. Berardi Property
View Marshall Square
View Marshall, T.W., Mansion
View Martindale, Chester P., Mansion
View Matson-Green House
View Mayfield;
Ebbs-Norris Mansion
View Method Episcopal Church of West Chester
View Miles, Gideon, Mansion
View Newlin-Parke House
View Palmer, Rees, House
View Parker, Samuel J., Mansion;
Chestnut Knoll
View Pennypacker, Charles, House
View Pippin, Horace, House
View Pottery Row
View Prescott Alley Rows
View Price, Mrs., Seminary
View Price, Philip, House
View Rectory of High St. Holy Trinity Church
View Rettew, G. Raymond, House
View Rivinus-Hickman-Guss House
View Sharples House
View Sharpless Separator Works
View Sharpless, Philip, Mansion
View Sharpless-Kift House
View Shields, Edward E., House
View Smedley, Enos, House
View Sun Factory, The
View T Lin Lewis Shop
View Thomas, Helen, Mansion
View Townsend, David, House
View Waddell-Pinkerton Mansion
View Walker, Charles, House
View Wayne Square
View West Chester Library
View West Chester Pottery House
View Williamson, Adam, House
View YMCA New Wing
View Yarnall-Webb House
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Resource Name Association
018586 Sharpless Separator Works Default
018637 Everhart Family Mansion Default
018683 Sharples House Default
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