Historic Resource Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Key #:001269
Property Name:Old Economy National Historic Landmark
Resource Type:District
Approximate # of Resources:17
LocationNo Data Present
Beaver County:Ambridge Borough
Address:270 Sixteenth Street , Ambridge, PA
UTM:Zone 17 E 564820 N 4493940
Zone 17 E 564820 N 4494140
Zone 17 E 564940 N 4493950
Zone 17 E 564950 N 4494140
USGS Quadrangle:Ambridge
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:NHL
Owner:State Public
Historic InformationNo Data Present
Year Built:1825, 1840
Associated Individual:Rapp, George
Physical DescriptionNo Data Present
Historic FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Domestic Multiple Dwelling
Current FunctionNo Data Present
Inventory ItemsNo Data Present
Report Name
View 100 15th St.
View 1198 Merchant St.
View 1204 Church St.
View 1216 Church St.
View 1219 Merchant St.
View 1221 Merchant St.
View 1225 Merchant St.
View 1231 Merchant St.
View 1240 Merchant St.
View 1300 Church St.
View 1304 Church St.
View 1320 Merchant Street
View 1398 Church St.
View 1401 Merchant St.
View 1405 Merchant St.
View 1411 Merchant St.
View 1412 Church St.
View 1412 Merchant St.
View 1415 Merchant St.
View 1416 Merchant St.
View 1420 Church St.
View 1421 Merchant St.
View 1422 Merchant St.
View 14th St.
View 14th St.
View 1501 Church St.
View 186 12th St.
View 189 12th St.
View 193 12th St.
View 194 12th St.
View 197 12th St.
View 198 12th St.
View 199 12th St.
View 260 13th St.
View 262 15th St.
View 264 15th St.
View 267 14th St.
View 268 14th St.
View 269 15th St.
View 269 Wagner St.
View 270 14th St.
View 272 14th St.
View 273 13th St.
View 273 14th St.
View 273 Boyleston St.
View 273 Wagner St.
View 274 13th St.
View 275 Boyleston St.
View 276 13th St.
View 277 14th St.
View 278 12th St.
View 278 13th St.
View 279 Boyleston St.
View 280 12th St.
View 281 12th St.
View 281 Wagner
View 283 12th St.
View 283 Boyleston St.
View 283 Wagner St.
View 284 13th St.
View 284 Wagner St.
View 285 14th St.
View 286 13th St.
View 287 Wagner St.
View 289 14th St.
View 290 Boyleston St.
View 291 14th St.
View 291 Wagner St.
View 308 13th St.
View 309 1/2 14th St.
View 312 14th St.
View 314 13th St.
View 316 13th St.
View 316 14th St.
View 317 14th St.
View 320 14th St.
View 322 13th St.
View 324 14th St.
View 325 13th St.
View 328 13th St.
View 332 13th St.
View 336 13th St.
View 70 12th St.
View 70 15th St.
View 75 15th St.
View 78 12th St.
View 78 15th St.
View 79 15th St.
View 84 12th St.
View 84 15th St.
View 85 15th St.
View 86 12th St.
View 89 15th St.
View 90 15th St.
View 91 15th St.
View 92 15th St.
View 98 12th St.
View 98 13th St.
View 99 12th St.
View Bake Oven
View Baker House
View Blaine, Ephraim, House
View Cabinet Shop
View Carriage House
View Community Kitchen
View Doctor's Office
View Feast Hall
View Garden Pavillion
View Granary
View Great House
View Greenhouse
View Grotto
View Harmonist Bakery
View Heslet House
View Lenz House
View Maintenance Building
View Merchant St.
View Merchant St.
View Merchant St.
View Merchant St.
View Merchant St.
View Rapp, Frederick, House
View Rapp, George, House
View Roberson House
View Shed
View Shop & Wine Cellar
View Store
View Summer Kitchen
View Tavern Barn
View Utility Shed
View Wagner St.
View Wagner St.
View Warehouse
View Waterpump
View Waterpump
Ancillary FeaturesNo Data Present
Associated ResourcesNo Data Present
Resource Name Association
077416 Saint Johns Lutheran Church of Old Economy Historic District
078856 Economy Historic District Historic District
Administrative ActionsNo Data Present
08/21/2018:Date Record Updated
01/29/2018:Date Record Updated
03/08/2003:Date Record Updated
10/15/1966:NR Listed
National Register InformationNo Data Present
Area of Significance:Architecture, Industry, Religion, Social History
AttachmentsNo Data Present
Attachment Name
Photograph H001269_01B.jpg
Photograph H001269_01B.jpg
Photograph H001269_02B.jpg
Photograph H001269_03B.jpg
Form H001269_1250_D.pdf
NR Form H001269_02H.pdf
Report        Title
1983-H026-007 Historic Structures Report - House at Southeast Corner of Fourteenth and Church Streets, Ambridge PA
1939-M001-042-A Public Buildings; A Survey of Architecture of Projects Constructed by Federal and Other Governmental Bodies between the Years 1933 and 1939, with Assistance of the Public Works Administration.
1990-H026-007 Historic Structures Report Old Economy Village Volumes I-VI, Ambridge PA
1990-H027-007 Historic Structures Report Old Economy Village Volumes VIIa-X, Ambridge PA
1989-0300-007-SS Phase IB Archaeological Survey Addendum: Rehabilitation, Renovation and Upgrades of Facilities, Old Economy Village, Borough of Ambridge, Butler County
CommentsNo Data Present
PHMC owned property on the PA Trail of History: www.phmc.state.pa.us
see file for key# 078856 for NHL inventory survey cards
(Historic American Buildings Survey) HABS#: PA-612 (Economy Feast Hall)
(Historic American Buildings Survey) HABS#: PA-627 (Economy Meetinghouse)
(Historic American Buildings Survey) HABS#: PA-613 (Economy Tailor Shop and Wine Cellar)
(Historic American Buildings Survey) HABS#: PA-1176 (Economy Town Plan)
OutbuildingsNo Data Present
ObservationsNo Data Present